The best-kept secret in the locksmith industry is providing lockout service for unlocking locked automobiles, homes, and businesses. This can generate an incredible income with virtually no cost.

Automotive, Residential and Commercial Lockouts are almost straight profit since there is no cost involved other than the initial investment of the locksmith tools, auto lockout tools, manual and the gas to get you to your job.

This is the most comprehensive lockout training program on the market today. Designed to be easily read and understood. We teach you how to own and operate a successful Lockout Business with proven methods

About the Program

Our program has been developed by locksmiths that own and operate successful locksmith and lockout businesses. This program is more than a lockout training course; it has been developed to teach you how to become a lockout specialist as well as how to own and operate your own successful lockout business! We teach time-tested, proven methods.

  • Own your own business
  • Unlimited growth potential
  • Unlimited earning potential
  • Set your own hours

This could be your first step to opening your own full service lockout business!

Whether you're looking for a career change or just additional income the lockout business is perfect. The earning potential providing lockout service is staggering. The national average rate for an automotive lockout is $45.00 day time rate with evening and weekend rates considerably higher. Once you are familiar with the procedures used to unlock cars it should take you less than a minute to unlock a car.

About Assured

There has never been a better time to start your own lockout business. The lockout business is expanding everyday with the addition of new vehicles to the road everyday and the construction conducted in your community as your city grows in leaps and bounds around you with new homes and business. Everyday people are locking their keys in or themselves out of their homes, businesses and cars with an amazing frequency.


I was very pleased with the Assured Locksmith, Lockout Training Program. It was easy to understand and taught me a new trade. I would recommend this program to anyone who is interested in starting a lockout business

Mark P.

Boston, MA